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About Us

Our Mission

We believe user-based ownerships of Web 3.0 will unleash exponential growth and unprecedented business opportunities. Black3Lab leverages our extensive network as part of our commitment to helping our portfolio companies to grow their business through access to incubation, marketplace design, go-to-market strategies and partnerships with influential mainstream companies and consumer brands.

Our Expertise

Our team combines traditional backgrounds and innovative minds, and has dedicated our careers to cross border opportunities, enabling Black3lab to gain global exposures. For instance having the privilege to set up joint-venture with an international investment group with aggregate transaction values of over $11 billion, to bring the first metaverse company listed on the mainboard. Many more opportunities are down the line, we are just getting started.

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we want to drive the future of Web 3.0 through leveraging on physical, operating assets that are ongoingly generating revenue and cashflow. Unlike conventional Web 3.0 projects that are entirely virtual, the nature of our projects will be ones that are backed by physical infrastructure or asset, to catalyze valuable utilities and consistent adaptations to consumers and businesses.

Black3lab Fund

The Fund seeks to generate stable yet high yield returns from investing into a portfolio of private equity projects relating to Web3.0.  Through the insight of the principals of the Fund’s Investment Manager into the Web 3.0 market and solid business connection and technical expertise in such area, the Manager seeks to identify investments in seed rounds or early stage Web 3.0 projects that are not easily accessible to non-veteran and particularly in the areas of gaming and social media, and NFT.


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